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Conservation Consulting for Small Businesses

Volunteers will consult with local small businesses on how they can change their business practices to save on water, energy, material and other wastes.

Project Context

The world's large businesses may account for more than half of the carbon emission, small businesses and individuals can still make a big contribution. Plus, carbon emission is not the only thing ailing our planet.

Take restaurants as an example, an average one generates 100,000 pounds of trash a year. "Reduce and reuse" can shrink this landfill pile and save money for the owners.

Volunteer Responsibilities

Complete training on communications etiquette and consulting basics

Reach out to local businesses for engagement

Conduct client interviews to assess baseline resource consumption

Work with client and propose business practice changes for resource conservation & savings

Present findings and implementation suggestions to client

Conduct follow up assessment

Volunteer Requirements

Age 12+ or at 8+ with parent chaperone

Demonstrate maturity to take this responsibility seriously

Commitment to complete assigned tasks

Learning Goals

Practice verbal and written communication skills

Develop research and analytical skills

Develop an understanding of business processes

Practice executive functioning skills

Social Impact

Reduce resource consumption and waste generation by local businesses

Help increase profitability and economic viability of small enterprises

Build connection between students and local businesses

Facts at a Glance

N. Texas



Participants Needed


Volunteer Hours

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