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Make volunteering and educational opportunities available and accessible to families, to nurture personal, environmental, and social responsibilities in youth.

Personal Responsibility.

It takes a lot more than academic achievement to succeed in the real world. RRC endeavors to be the source outside of school and home to help students acquire and practice such awareness and skills.

Personal responsibility encompasses many things: 

  • Healthy lifestyle for physical & mental well being

  • Financial responsibility 

  • Positive social attachment

  • Responsible digital citizenship

RRC develops service and educational projects to enrich the opportunities for learning and giving for students.

Environmental Responsibility.

Global climate is projected to reach the critical 1.5°C increase threshold in the next two years and reach the disastrous 2.0°C increase level in the next 10-15 years. 

There is something we can each do to prevent this environmental calamity.

RRC organizes local clean up, small business ESG consulting projects, and other opportunities so students can make immediate impact on saving our planet.

Social Responsibility.

Social responsibility includes serving those in need and the elderly, exercising civic duties, creating an inclusive and positive community, and more. 

RRC partners with other community organizations to make scheduling and participating in these activities as easy as buying a movie ticket on your phone, and for a wider range of student age groups. We make it easy to do good!   

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