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Community Outreach Internship

RRC is selecting 2 mature and driven students to join its fall internship program. Interns will have a chance to acquire skills to succeed in a business environment while making a positive contribution to the community.

Project Context

RRC is growing rapidly and need help on various projects.

Volunteer Responsibilities

Responsibilities vary with individuals' skill sets and evolve with organizational needs, and project progression. Broad categories include:

Conduct research

Reach out to local organizations telephonically

Assist in administrative tasks

Conduct data collection and analysis

Volunteer Requirements

High school

Demonstrate maturity to take this responsibility seriously

Commitment to complete assigned tasks

Learning Goals

Practice verbal and written communication skills

Develop research and analytical skills

Develop an understanding of business processes

Practice executive functioning skills

Facts at a Glance

N. Texas, S. Florida



Participants Needed


Volunteer Hours

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