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Why Your Nonprofit Should Consider Student Volunteers

Most nonprofit organizations are built on dedications of volunteers. But volunteer opportunities for student under 18 or 16 are few and far between.

We understanding the reasons, to name a few:

  1. Student volunteers require more training and supervision; nonprofits tend to be understaffed to spear the resources.

  2. There is greater potential liability in working with minors.

  3. Students prioritize school schedules and it’s hard to get consistent amount work output from them

At the RRC, we have worked with student interns on a continuous basis as well as student volunteer for one off events. Here is what we have learned:

  1. A valuable investment in creating future supporters What a great educational opportunity to share what drives your organization or your staff members individually! It’s especially true for short one-off volunteer events.

  2. Get parents to join Make your volunteer event into a bonding time for the family. That could expand your participant age range.

  3. Use liability disclaimers wisely Check with legal counsel to see how you can best protect against legal liabilities with the right disclaimers and waivers.

  4. Harness the energy and ideas of students We are always humbled by how smart and thoughtful kids can be. You may be surprised with good ideas they may have to offer. Be a good mentor to them that you may or may not have had.

Please contact us if you need some advice or partnership in organizing student volunteers.

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