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Welcome to Raising Responsible Citizens!

Updated: Jun 11, 2023

RRC is about cultivating personal, social and environmental responsibilities in youth. To do that, we aggregate, create and make readily accessible volunteering and educational opportunities for students and families.

Hello, World!

I've consumed enough blogs not to be daunted by the concept. But writing into the void of the internet seems like something else. So, if you are reading this not because I personally forced you to, my heart-felt THANK YOU!

Why Are We Doing This?

We are parents who are troubled by how divisive America has become. We are also concerned with how to best prepare our children for adulthood, so that they can lead fulfilling lives and build our country into a more cohesive community.

Away from the fanfares of public media and social media, we believe we want similar things for our children: health, happiness, independence, compassion, positive outlook for life...

A lot easier said than done.

We thought community service opportunities would be a good way to practice these life skills. But when we looked around, few seem to want to accept kids as volunteers, especially for kids under 16. And signing up for one is not easy.

Big companies have made consumption effortless, like the one-click "Buy Now". We want to volunteering good easy. So, this is the RRC journey to make volunteering as accessible as buying a movie ticket online.

What We Are Not

We are NOT a political, or religious organization. We welcome families of all political or religious persuasion to join our programs. We don't dismiss the importance of one's beliefs. But RRC is about setting our differences aside and focus on our shared needs - helping our children, our communities, and our planet.

Join Us

We appreciate your support in any way you can:

  • Volunteer at RRC

  • Sign your kids up for a volunteering project

  • Make a donation

  • Share RRC with friends or on social media

  • Give us suggestions

  • Partner through your organization

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