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10 Volunteer Opportunities Kids Love

There is little debate that volunteering is good for kids. But to make volunteering a lifetime habit for kids, it’s important to make it fun and enriching at the same time.

Here are some volunteering projects that kids often enjoy.

  1. Volunteer at an animal shelter.

  2. Cook or serve a meal at a homeless shelter.

  3. Participate at game night at a senior home.

  4. Plant native species in “seed stomp”.

  5. Foster a school pet over holidays.

  6. Make crafts with kids in children’s hospitals.

  7. Make holiday cards or care packages together for troops or senior citizens.

  8. Join a park or creek cleanup.

  9. Help with maintenance or cleanup at a local firehouse.

  10. Participate in a 5K run/walk for a good cause.

The key is to keep it interactive with others, particularly others student volunteers and to understand the purpose of their service. So, invite friends and make volunteering another team sport.

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